Memet Fuat Publishing Award 2010

As well as being one of the master authors of contemporary literature, Necati Güngör is a firm defendant of animal rights. In all the seven stories of this book, human beings and animals are brought together with a deeply sensitive approach, offering new bridges to life.


Among several original protagonists of the stories, there is a mother coming out of a photo, a child always sitting on his grandpa’s lap and a young boy who’s angry at his step father.

Mom popped out of the picture: The Two Birds of the Painter Ressamın İki Kuşu
I used to sit on Grandpa’s lap: The Snakes of Our House
My stepfather is a boor: Mom, The Lion and I
I want to go to school: I Entrust My Father to You
He/She followed me to school: An Exile in Boğaziçi
My grandmaother raised me: The Bear Who Came at Night
Wolves were a nightmare in winter:  The Bandit and the White Wolf

Necati Güngör

He was born in Malatya in 1949. He aroused interest in literary circles with his first story book Beginning of the Road (Yolun Başı, 1973) which was published while he was studying law at İstanbul University. He received Story Award of Turkish Language Association in 1979 with Love is Bread (Sevgi Ekmektir), and Ömer Seyfettin Story Award in 1990 with My Darling the Cinema Bird (Sinema Kuşu Sevgilim). With his interviews, he received Abdi İpekçi Peace and Friendship Award as well as the Interviewer of the Year Award given by the Jockey Club of İstanbul in year 1990. With his devamı için tıklayınız

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