Suzan Geridönmez is telling nine impressive stories  touching the lives that are much different than each other. Stories are discussing the issues of youngsters like  their adventure of getting mature, their experiences about holding on to life, their worries growing together with their age, in a realistic yet sensitive style. The author also known for her translations from German literature, is approaching the basic problems of  today’s youth like freedom, miscommunication, violence, future anxiety, socializing and  unemployment, with her lucid and stunning narration style.


Stories in the book:

Sıra Kapmaca (Taking one’s turn)
Bugün Nerdeydin?(Where were you today?)
Dost Dediğin (The one you call “friend”)
Romantik Bir Akşam (A romantic evening)
Son Gülen İyi Güler (He who laughs last laughs best)
Kısa Bir Aşk Öyküsü ( A very short love story)
Mis Gibi İşsiz (Certainly unemployed)
Örümcek Adam Modası (Spider Man Fashion)
Birine Anlatmak Zorundasın ( You need to tell someone)

Suzan Geridönmez

Suzan Geridönmez born in 1966, graduated from Istanbul University, Department of German Language and Literature. She worked as a school librarian for many years and did translations from German to Turkish. Geridönmez lives in Istanbul with her husband and daughter.

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