Known for her book “Hopping Stories (Seke Seke Uçtu Öyküler), Gürsen Özen continues to reflect her accumulation of long years as a literature teacher, in her new stories. All nine stories in the book, which bring the hope, joy, resentment and sorrow of children’s world together with the love of nature and human beings, are full of fine details of life. Combining her teaching experience and her literary style, Gürsen Özen reflects all aspects of childhood in her stories with entertaining fictions and a joyful language. She gracefully tells about the emotional worlds, reactions and dreams of children, whose stories intersect even though they grow up on different paths of life. With her stories Özen is inviting her readers of all ages to think, to dream and to embrace the beauties in life.


Childhood moods on the theater stage, the excitement of a poetry competition, sisterly love, year-end celebrations at school, family bonds, first departure from home, children who went through similar paths of life even though they grew up in different conditions, their reactions, feelings and dreams… You will find a childish joy on every page, and in every story, you will meet a character who will cherish your hope.

Gürsen Özen

She was born in 1949 in Susurluk, Balıkesir. After studying at Bolu Teachers College for girls, she graduated from Turkology Department of İstanbul University. She began to work as a teacher in Şavşat, Artvin and then, she continued to teach in Fethiye High Scholl for long years. She supported several young people and children through her social and cultural projects. Özen told different faces of childhood in her first book named Hopping Stories (Seke Seke Uçtu Öyküler, 2015) which was illustrated by famous illustrator Mustafa Delioğlu. She lives in Fethiye with her husband, she has a daughter and a son.

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