Karaböcü Series

Series adored by children! It’s all about a very cute cat!  Or is it not just a cat? Niran Elçi wrote this series consisting of 4 books for children who are just starting their reading adventure. In the adventures of Niran and her kitten Karaböcü, the daily life of children is being narrated in a humorous and realistic manner.

The series that will lead elementary school children to think about issues such as inter-family communication, life with various living beings, friendship, school, pleasure, disappointments, fears and responsibilities with a smile, comes to life with the black and white drawings of Gözde Bitir Sındırgı.

Author: Niran Elçi
Editor: Mine Soysal
Illustrator: Gözde Bitir


Karaböcü Series
34th edition

Karaböcü Hoş Geldi

Welcome Karaböcü
Niran Elçi
21st edition

Karaböcü Partinin Gözbebeği

Karaböcü, the Party's Favorite
Niran Elçi
20th edition

Karaböcü ile Tatil Maceraları

Karaböcü's Holiday Adventures
Niran Elçi
19th edition

Karaböcü Kayboldu

Karaböcü is Lost
Niran Elçi