Necdet Neydim meets children once more with his second poem book after  Do You Know How to Whistle? and echoes the chirpy voice, curious eyes, anxious questions, even the fearful looks of childhood in his verses.  Sometimes the sadness of growing up and at times the interior voice of old age are found in his poems. Neydim whose poems leave an unforgetable flavor in his child readers with his play on words built on homophony and similarity of meaning speaks through the mouth of children and at the same time lets the child in the adult speak. While expressions almost forgotten are revived in some poems that build a pleasant bridge between children and adults, references to the well known verses of some poet create surprises in others.


The Child and the Star

What are you doing there?
Asked the child
Come down!
Or you’ll fall

Will you play with me if I come down?
Asked the star

Necdet Neydim

He was born in Ödemiş, İzmir in 1955. He was graduated from German Department of Foreign Languages School at İstanbul University. He continues to work as an academician at İstanbul University’s German Translation Studies Department. He has translated many important authors like Bertolt Brecht, Peter Härtling, Günter Grass, Erich Kästner, Janosch. He writes stories, poems and he studies on academic texts about children literature too. His first children poetry book from Günışığı Kitaplığı is Do You Know How to Whistle? (Sen Islık Çalmayı Bilir misin?, 2008) has cozy poems about the worries, excitements and observations of today’s children; its rights sold to devamı için tıklayınız

Other Books

16th edition

Sen Islık Çalmayı Bilir misin?

Do You Know How To Whistle?
Necdet Neydim