Author and translator Saliha Nilüfer, one of the prominent names of Turkish contemporary literature, is inviting children to a fantastic journey in future’s desolate world. She’s taking her readers on a stunning adventure about the future of the world and human beings, following the footsteps of a curious child who lives a completely different life on a completely different planet, in a city isolated from the rest of the planet. The fabulous journey of Minnu following the traces of natural life plundered by human beings and the lost beauties, makes the readers to feel the inspiring power of starting over with courage and hope, to rebuild the world and to own our memories. The book holds a mirror to current times from the world of future by expressing the transformative power of the relation between nature and human beings in a simple way. Enriched with the illustrations of Elif Deneç, this book makes us think about the value of The Earth, our home, and its unique nature.


Sardun is a city in the middle of a moorland protected from the sandstorms only by the glass dome covering whole city. Although she knows that it’s forbidden, the curious and brave child Minnu carries food to Gudis living in nearby caves. Once she earns one of the Gudis trust and listens to his memories about trees, rain, and prosperity of nature, she’s literally mesmerized. She dreams of discovering the natural resources Sardians once had. After their journey with Gudi to the mysterious lands, they develop a great plan with her friend Bozek.

Saliha Nilüfer

Saliha Nilüfer was born in 1972 in İstanbul. Her first poems were published in various literary magazines. Known with her translations from English, Spanish and Catalan, Nilüfer translated the important works of famous authors like Alberto Manguel, Jorge Luis Borges, Mario Vargas Llosa, Javier Marías. After her first novel Bir Endülüs Hikâyesi (2006), her poetry book Yokoluş Serüveni (2016) and her first children’s novel Ekosemelek Kuklaları İşbaşında (ill. Canan Barış, 2018) were published. In her latest fantastic children’s novel, The Silver Dew (Gümüşsu Zamanı, ill. Elif Deneç, 2021), published by Günışığı Kitaplığı, she talks about the struggle of Minnu, who devamı için tıklayınız