1997 Eğitim Sen Children's Story Contest Special Jury Award

In her award winning book, Pakize Özcan invites children into the world of animals. This short story is drawing attention to the conflicts between rulers and the ruled in  modern world and to the most frequently used method of supression. Through this lovely  animal story children readers understand that in order for the ruled ones to get back their freedom, opinion differences should be set aside and the society should get united around a common goal.


As he gets older and loses his power day by day, the authority of the king of the forest, the lion, gradually decreases. In the meantime unemployment, poverty and corruption increases in the forest.  In order to take things under control, the lion king gets more and more cruel and the animals living in the forest decide to give an end to this situation.

But it wouldn’t be so easy for all the animals with different opinions to get together against the tyrant king… 



Pakize Özcan

She was born in Eflani, Karabük in 1951. After completing her education at special boarding school for teachers, she continued to Eskişehir Anadolu University Open Education Faculty. She worked as a teacher in many cities of Turkey for 26 years. Her story book Gülkız (1998) won Adnan Çakmakçıoğlu The Best Tale for Children Special Prize. She continued to write and told many stories for children in her books. Her first book from Günışığı Kitaplığı is The King Who Lost His Powers (Gücünü Yitiren Kral, 2011) which was awarded with Special Jury Prize by Eğitim-Sen. With this book, she took children devamı için tıklayınız

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