Hacer Kılcıoğlu who became known with her first two books of her childhood memories, continued with fiction books for children and young adults. She uses a sensitive and original language to narrate children’s world.

Hacer Kılcıoğlu who creates clever fiction with a sense of humour once again narrates a universal friendship story that goes beyond frontiers. The book shows that cultural and age differences cannot prevent finding a common language. The story takes the readers on a tour in İzmir streets in the exciting story of a French documentarist and the young bagel seller. The book makes the readers to think on various issues from love of animals to the problems faced by child workers, from the problems of growing up to the difficulties of living with a sick parent.


In his old  T-shirt and thongs, Mahmut was trying, as always,  to sell his crispy bagels in the streets of İzmir. On a rainy day, he finds two friends roaming the streets like him: Frank, the French documentarist and an old street dog. The life Mahmut is sharing with  his sick father, understanding mother many other children like himself  working in the streets changes from that day on.  This strong friendship established on the shoting of a documentary film will change Mahmut’s perception of  life. But how?..


Hacer Kılcıoğlu

She was born in Alaşehir, Manisa. She worked as an English teacher. Loving to be a traveler, Kılcıoğlu compiled her childhood and youth memories in her books I was Once a Child (Ben Eskiden Çocuktum, 2003) and Speaking to Jale (Jale’yle Konuşmak, 2006). Her first children’s novel I Love Thursdays (Perşembeleri Çok Severim, 2009) is followed by a young adult novel named We were Three Children in İzmir (İzmir’de Üç Çocuktuk – Sezen, Haluk, Meltem, 2010) based on the memories of three famous Turkish artists raised in the same neighborhood. This book (designed by Huban Korman) received IBBY Turkey’s 2010 Best Children’s Book Design Award. After her entertaining devamı için tıklayınız

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