Zeynep Cemali recounts her childhood memories in Istanbul during 1950s. The main character of Cemali’s book  is her “Dad”, a unique character full of surprises that any child would adore and who has shaped Cemali’s whole life. At six, they played a game they called “come to my whistle” in the tumult of the Covered Bazaar. When she decided to become an actress and went to work in her father’s film company in Beyoğlu, she was only ten. The friendship between father and daughter is extraordinary.


Zeynep was only six when they were playing their “come to my whistle” game with her father in Grand Bazaar of old Istanbul city. At the age of ten she decided to become an actress and started to work in her father’s film company. When she was eleven, she was running a movie theatre with her father. She was only twelve when she started to accompany his fathers trips all over the country. Father and the daughter… They were two close and inseperable friends!


Zeynep Cemali

Zeynep Cemali, born in 1950, proved her talent as a story writer and successfully applied her original story-telling also into her novels. She has reached readers of all ages through her books with high circulation figures. Cemali died in 2009, leaving behind her last novel Woman From Ankara.

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