A novel from Irmak Zileli, which holds mirror to the glory of storytelling and to the limits of the memory with its extraordinary fiction and elegant narration style. Zileli, winner of prestigious Yunus Nadi Novel Award, is standing in homage matchlessly to the stories of people passing through life from the eyes of a broken tower clock. Tracking the depths of human spirit, tenor of the objects and all the voices in nature, this novel is inviting readers to a breath-taking walk. A walk that flows with time rather than with steps, accompanied by the voices of solidarity, hope, forgetting, longing and loneliness. One of the most striking examples of Turkish contemporary literature. A timeless reading experience from Irmak Zileli that jumps from one pulse to another.


Fear would do no good to a broken clock! As soon as I jumped into its pulse, a new anger exploded in our ears. It was as strong as the first one. Just like the moment when you dive into the water, same things happened. As if a veiled curtain was drawn between you and the world: Voices drowned, images became fuzzy and started to dance. And what’s more, I was swimming in the veins of water, which is not standing still, but continuously flowing, changing its way as it hit something and flowing faster when it finds its slope. It was in a rush. Its anger was because of this rush. It was looking for something. But what was it?

Irmak Zileli

She was born in Istanbul in 1978. She studied social anthropology. She worked as a reporter for TVs and magazines. Being one of the co-founders, she worked as the chief editor of “Roman Kahramanları” (Protagonists) magazine. While working as the chief editor of Remzi Book Newspaper she wrote articles in her column titled “Devrik Cümle” (Inverted Sentence). After her research book Bayram Çocukları (2004) and Doğruyu Aradım Güzeli Sevdim (2009) covering her interviews with the famous Turkish film director Halit Refiğ, she received Yunus Nadi Fiction Award in 2012 with her first novel Eşik (Threshold, 2011). Her stories on ON8 devamı için tıklayınız