Friendship, love and concerns about future from a boarding school student’s point of view. The sincerity of the language makes the reader to become a part of the story, like one of the students who shares the same room in the last year of the high school.


He has been a boarding student for six years. Now it is the end and there are five days left for his commencement. Thursday night, the whole senior class will organise an unforgettable farewell party attended by all. In this last week shared with his boarder friends, he will remember the long years spent together and will question his own life.


Tolga Gümüşay

He was born in 1972 in Edirne. Due to his father’s profession, he travelled and lived in many cities of Turkey during his childhood days. After graduating from Istanbul University, Faculty of Management, he completed a post-graduate programme at Marmara University. Since 1993, he works on advertising market. He became a well-known author with his first young adult’s novel Six Years Full Board (6 Yıl Tam Pansiyon, 2001). And then, he wrote his story books Prediction Partnership (Geleceği Görme Ortaklığı, 2005) for children; and Peppermint Stories (Keskin Naneli Öyküler, 2006) for young adults. Gümüşay also has novels for adults. His devamı için tıklayınız

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